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A little while back, I decided I wanted to move my site to a platform that is capable of print and drop-ship. Meaning, someone can order a print, it can be made by a professional, and then shipped right to your door. I’m excited to share my work with you, but more importantly the site shares a bigger purpose. I will be donating profits to organizations I believe in, and people/animals in need. And right now, I’d say there is a hell of a lot of need!

Through the month of May, ALL profits made from prints sold on my website will be 100% donated! Split 3 ways between 3 organizations :

1) Pizza vs. Pandemic. Obviously Covid-19 is the #1 topic right now. It goes without saying that our healthcare workers and small businesses need help. @Slice out Hunger, came up with Pizza vs. Pandemic! They do all the work by finding a healthcare center in need, coordinate ordering pizzas from local shops, and mobilizing local delivery all within safety guidelines. A win win to support our healthcare workers as well as local businesses all at the same time!

2) My Cuban family! The day I was put into lockdown, I was on my way home from Havana. And leaving them behind felt awful. Imagine a people that are for the most part on their own, now with Covid-19 separating us even farther, they are in serious need of support. (side note : I will likely be using these funds to make purchases of things such as baby formula, personal hygiene products, and food, to be personally bringing to Cuba with the rest of the Your Cuba Travel crew.)

3) Wildlife Care WA inc. Wildlife Care WA inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to disaster and emergency response, relocations, and release sites for wildlife across western Australia. This past year we know that bushfires wreaked havoc on Australia’s land and left a lasting impact on wildlife and humans alike. But, I think it was a bit forgotten once Covid-19 made headlines. However, they still need our support. My first international travel was in 2008 when I lived in the middle of the outback part of the summer. This trip changed the course of my life. It is my turn to give back. ( My apologies, I was not the most pro-photog back in the day so go easy on my images from that album!) Check them out on Facebook @Wildlife Care WA inc. They have come personally recommended, so I can vouch for your pennies going to proper use!

Thank you for taking the time to read, and maybe make a purchase! You will not only enjoy new art for your walls, but be supporting SO many good causes! Now, that all being said, because of good old Corona, the print shop that will be creating your prints is also a local shop and has been slowed down. Please be patient with your print arrival!! They will arrive to you when it is safe to do so! Thank you again, and any questions you know where to find me! Also… please share.  Muchas gracias, besos y abrazos!

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