Travel tip #1 - The Liquid Hack

How many of you pack your lunch for work? Well, just because we commute by plane and not by car, doesn’t mean we cant pack one too! Especially if you don’t feel like spending $25 on a pre-made box with a single piece of string cheese, an egg, and 5 grapes. If you’re lucky sometimes you get a rogue strawberry in there. Anyway, I tend to pack my meals for long travel days, more for health reasons than anything. I like being able to control when and what I eat. But with all the TSA regulations and restrictions, its far from a walk in the park to know what you can and can’t bring through.

For the longest time, I was packing my favorite Trader Joes yogurt, or Good Culture cottage cheese, and getting it taken away. Because it was inconsistent, I just kept trying thinking “maybe they’ll let it slide today”. And more often than not, I was having to toss it in the garbage, wasting perfectly good food, and money. Well, Im here to share with you my most recent find….

FREEZE IT! Because yogurts and cottage cheeses are more of a liquid base, technically they wont be allowed through security. By freezing it, its no longer a liquid and completely safe to go through! I grab it out of the freezer just before ordering my Lyft, and by the time I hear “please sit back, relax and enjoy your 4.5 hour trip to _______(insert random city here)”, my meal is ready to be had. It tastes just the same, and I can add in any fruit, or granola I brought as well. Don’t forget to bring your own empty water bottle! Of course water itself cant go through security, but there are no rules against the bottle. There are bubblers (Boston speak for a drinking water fountain), at nearly every restroom, so you’ll save money and help the environment by bringing your own.

Happy flying!