Travel tip #2 - the mini fridge hack

Im a road warrior that cares about the food that I put in my body. I genuinely work hard at staying strong and healthy. I lift with a CrossFit community that helps me stay accountable for my fitness and not just slack off. Because the road life is super social, that often leads to lots of restaurants, bars, and just no sleep. And because the road life is super busy, that leads to airplane food, late night meals, and quick decisions. But I prefer grocery stores. So I need to be sure my hotel has a refrigerator. From there, yes I carry a small cooler with me on the road to keep fresh veggies and anything perishable, which the majority of actual food is.

Ever hear of “home sweet home”? My world is “home sweet Hilton.” So, here’s your Hilton property list with kitchen/fridge accommodations. (Not including the speciality stays.) You can find this info when you book your stay as well. Keep reading for the mini-fridge hack.

  • Homewood Suites - Full kitchen

  • Home2 Suites - Full kitchen

  • Hampton Inn & Suites - Always mini fridge, or options for suites with larger kitchen options

  • Garden Inn - mini fridge

  • Double Tree - yes and no. Check with your particular stay.

  • Hilton - yes and no. Check with your particular stay.

  • Embassy Suites - mini fridge

  • Grand Vacations - always mini fridge, or options for suites with larger kitchen options

  • Curio/ Waldorf/Conrad - I am not fancy or cool enough to stay in these to give you my advice.

Now, every so often I find myself at a hotel (Hilton Las Vegas), that for some reason even though you are spending ungodly amounts of money at their space, they don’t provide you with even a mini fridge. AND if you dare to put your 5.3oz yogurt in their mini-bar fridge in your room, that will kindly set off a weight triggered alarm which you will then be charged $50 a day for “storing your own food”. This is where dietary restrictions come in. I consider myself having dietary restrictions. There are certain foods that i genuinely cannot eat, and I don’t like that this is going to dictate the things I can put into my body. So, that being said, if you request a fridge based on dietary restrictions, they will be able to accommodate you with a mini fridge. I don’t guarantee there wont be an extra charge, but 90% of the time, I have found there is not.