Everyone Else seems To Have Their Shit Together

“Everyone Else Just Seems To Have Their Shit Together”. Well, that was going to be the title of my first book, but I think its quite fitting at the very least, for a first post. ( Side note, I apologize in advance to my Aunt who is reading this and cringing, as her eyes scroll over what she would call profanity and I would call passionate expression. So to you AJ, my apologies.)

More and more Ive been learning that work flow is just not this single movement forward. Hence, flow. It has ups and downs, and alters every time some “thing” breaks the path. Like a clapperboard to start a new take of a movie. My problem - I want to do everything. And the problem with wanting to do every thing, is that each time one of those clapperboards breaks my path, I go down another road that leads to another road, that leads to another, and I end up taking the scenic route back to that original intersection. I do mean both physically and metaphorically. The entire US is my office, so my multitasking ability is quality A grade. Although I rarely know what day of the week it is, or what time zone I’m in. So what happens when I want to finish one thing? It takes 7 times longer than it should. (Just like writing this post.)

That being said, that brings me to…” everyone else seems to have their shit together, except me”. Usually, you’re not the only person in the room with the same thoughts on a topic, so I bet there are plenty of you that will agree with me on this. Well, in the age of “we only post online to show the world how we’re living our best lives”, its hard to watch everyone else seemingly have it figured out. Well, Im here to remind you that in reality, thats just not the case. We’re all figuring it out one step at a time. Whether thats in our careers, marriages, making babies, or making dinner. Sometimes what our society says is the socially correct way to go through life, isn’t your correct way. Now, thats not saying you should go rob a bank, because frankly in all societies thats still pretty frowned upon. But what it is saying, is that even though in our society we don’t eat chocolate covered grasshoppers on the regular, another society does. And when they say you’re supposed to get your bachelors, get married, buy a house, and have a baby in that order, maybe thats not your order. Lately, Ive concluded that Im quite okay with the fact that I don’t have it all figured out. Because once I do, what treasure is then out there to find?!

With that… keep searching for treasure my friends, and Im sure Ill have some road stories for you soon.